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With Love, The Restaurant at 1900 - Gascon Spring

Withlove Gascon Spring.jpg

For our Spring WITH LOVE dinner, we celebrate the marvelous Gascony region of southwest France, home to the lovely vineyards of Armagnac - France’s rare centuries-old brandy dating back to the late-13th century.

Imagine drinking and dining in tucked away “Musketeer country” among lush rolling green pastures, historic fortified “bastides”, and beautiful family estates where living is all about good food and fine drink.

For this dinner, we are thrilled to showcase the skills of our fantastically talented bar team of Arturo Vera Felice (Bar Manager) and Ryan Magnuson (Bartender). Together they will create innovative drink, paired with food by our esteemed Sous Chefs Andy McCormick and Jon Ponzer, and dessert by Pastry Chef, Elizabeth Paradise.

Domaine D’Arton, a producer of the very special spirit of Armagnac, and many other beautiful wines will be featured at this event.

Dinner will include pairings.