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The Bonfire: Blazing, Crackling Music from Cape Breton, Scotland & the 18th Century

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Chris' influential work as a performer, composer, recording artist, and director of the Boxwood Festivals & Workshops is recognized worldwide. As a flute maker, he brings to bear a discernment forged over a 30 year career to make world-class flutes for traditional, baroque and renaissance music.  Please visit for more information on this spectacular performer.


David Greenberg is a baroque violinist and fiddler in the Cape Breton and 18th-century Scottish styles.  David performs regularly with Chris Norman, and has co-founded many musical ensembles, including Puirt a Baroque, Ferintosh, and the Medieval Quintet. He co-authored the DunGreen Collection, which are "detailed transcriptions of tunes performed by recognized greats of Cape Breton fiddling".

David is from Maryland, but currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.